Welcome to our Occupational Therapy Services

In Occupational Therapy, we help children to develop the ability to achieve their motor and sensory potential. Some children display what appears to be bad behavior, when this is actually the child’s way of coping with, and compensating for motor and sensory processing challenges. The highly skilled occupational therapists at Connect guide children to bridge gaps in development and acquire necessary skills to succeed in all areas, including daily routines, social playing, and participating in school and family life. We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the following skills:

Fine motor

Gross Motor

Sensory integration

Sensory regulation

Visual perception

Visual motor


Eye hand coordination

Motor planning

Self help skills

Exceptionally Qualified Staff

Our exceptionally qualified staff are trained in cutting edge therapeutic techniques, and implement them during occupational therapy sessions. Occupational therapy at Connect is a fun, nurturing and family-oriented experience.

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